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Azkoitia – Guipuzkoa 


XUBI Engranajes S. L. is a family owner company with a long industrial tradition. It was founded in 1956 and started manufacturing screws. Four years later it began to manufacture gears.

XUBI Engranajes S. L. counts on the most up-to-date machinery and know how and is involved in the continuous training of its staff, hence allowing them to adapt to the new means of production and improve productivity. XUBI Engranajes S. L. aims to produce high quality gears and improve customer service by positioning itself as a leading European company in the precision gear sector:

Gear types:

  • Cylindrical gears from 25 mm up to 14000 mm (straight, helical & double helical)
  • Bevel gears from module 1,5 up, in sizes up to 2000 mm(straight, helical and spiral geared)
  • Internal geared rings or hollow shafts(with internal teeth)
  • Racks & pinions
  • Worm gear and shafts
  • Segment gearing

Market applications: all kind of gearboxes such as (mining, cement, wind, railway, marine propulsion engine and thursters, high speed gearing for power gen and oil & gas, deck machinery, steelmaking equipment, civil works, construction machinery, machine tool, etc.)

Quality certificates:

ISO-9001 / EN-9100 / ISO 14001


Azkoitia – Guipuzkoa 


Under customer requests Xubi group decided to diversify to produce slewing bearings first slewing bearings produced under Xubi in mid  90´s (subcontracting Jobs for Liebherr, Rollix and Laulagun bearing plants)

2001 starting to design own slewing bearings

Founding 2008 of Renogear dedicated exclusively for slewing bearings

Today, Renogear designs, produces and sells slewing bearings up to 6 meters in diameter

Specialised in built to print or built to spec slewing bearings, Renogear can supply following market sectors:

  • Yaw and pitch bearings for the wind industry
  • Azimuth and elevation bearings for radar and Anthena positionings
  • Large bearings for harbour, deck and offshore cranes
  • Large bearings for EAF Furnaces or laddle turrets for the Steel industries
  • Bearings for the food & beverage industries
  • Large bearings for the mining & cement plants, etc.
  • Bearings for the machine tool industries
  • Azimuth bearings for the marine thruster and stabilizer industries

Bearing range:

  • 4 point contact ball bearings
  • 8 point contact ball bearings
  • Crossed roller bearings
  • Axial ball bearings
  • Triple row roller bearings
  • Combined (roller & ball) bearings
  • Special bearings (under demand)
  • High precisión slewing bearings

Quality certificates:

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001

Santoni  S.p.a. 




Founded  in 1919: 

Santoni is the very first italian sock knitting machine manufacturer, in 1988 it becomes part of the prestigious Lonati Group becoming itself leader in the manufacture of circular knitting machines for seamless wear. Thanks to the potential and versatile machines, the range has shifted from covering the underwear field to the most sophisticated technical sportswear and to the latest development in the outwear sector.
Recently, Santoni has created the Santoni Machining Division to respond to Foundry request requiring complete solutions to offer to their customers, in consideration of its high-level technology and long experience in mechanical machining. Santoni has taken up this challenge, creating a new structure in order to offer designing, programming and precision mechanical machining services for new customers, making available its resources and expertise for the whole mechanical machining sector. By the end of 2016, Santoni is Certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.
Productions Facility:

Today the Santoni production facility is composed of a large workshop for mechanical machining including a production facility as well as a prototype and tooling department. The CN Programming utilizes a CAD-CAM system and incorporates, VERICUT on advanced software which speed up initial set-up times and increases productivity. The assembly lines lie attached to the workshop, and are completed by the sampling department where machines are tested from a textile point of view, before the final delivery to the customer.